Black Creek West Community Capacity Building Project

Black Creek West Community Capacity Building Project (BCWCCBP) is a community partnership that intends to improve the quality of life of residents living in the Black Creek community. The program supports initiatives related to economic independence, education and training and enhancement of information and services. Current initiatives include community micro lending programs, a youth entrepreneurial initiative and showcasing the Black Creek Community. Delta Family Resource Center (DFRC) is responsible fort the program which is funded by the City of Toronto Community Service Program.

Delta Family Resource Center is the trustee for the Black Creek Community capacity Building Program. This program is a collaborative currently consisting of eight partnerships stemming from academic institutions, government bodies, service sector agencies, small businesses and employment agencies bringing about the sharing of initiatives, networking programs and services, while being a liaison and support within the surrounding Black Creek Community. We invest in networking; connecting community residents, businesses and agencies with needed information and resources.