Black Youth in Transition



The Black Youth in Transition (BYT)

Assists Black youth in Care to transition smoothly to independent living. Grounded in the  experiences and insight of Black Youth who have lived experience of Ontarios Child Welfare system, this initiative supports and sustains youth in transition, from Care to community. Using an African Positive matrix, a model has been developed to guide and support this transition.

  •  Promoting the development of an African  Postive Identitiy
  •  Facilitating ACCESS to key supports
  • CONNECTING youth to relevent supports and services
  • VALIDATING the unique experiences of Black youth in care.

Information Session

The information sessions explore the day to day lived experiences of youth who are approaching or have transitioned to independent living. These 

experiences informed the creation of the BYT model .


These workshops equip youth in their transition to take on the daily tasks of living independently. They offer opportunities to learn and acquire skills in areas such as Identity, Black hair care, financial literacy, employment, navigating housing and much more.  


The BYT initiative includes a pilot. 6-8 youth are supported during their transition to independent living. The BYT Model will then be evaluated at the end of this period. We are actively looking to make this project sustainable. 

Advisory Committee:

The project is guided by an Advisory committee composed of Youth Ambassadors and Adult Allies from supporting organizations who are dedicated to 

improving the experience for Black Youth.

The Matrix:

The Matrix provides youth with a safe African positive space where Black youth who are in, approaching or have transitioned into independent living can 

share experiences learn from one another. It equips them with the confidence to feel safe to try and if they fail, to try again. 

The initiative focuses on increasing community participation of black youth in Care by targeting the four fundamental areas highlighted in the BYT model.

“For more information and if interested in joining the BYT Advisory committee please email Shantel Hyndman at or

call 647 461 2677 ”


Upcoming Matrix Drop In meetings will be announced


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