Humber Summit Greener Future’s

The aim of the project is to establish a supportive system that will create, enhance, gather and disseminate practices to develop and strengthen community based environmental initiatives in the Humber Summit community. An essential element of the Greener Futures Project is to provide opportunities for area residents to green the Humber Summit Community through resident-based solutions. The impetus for the project grew out of consultations with area residents who identified the need to address food security issues, enhance the esthetic of the neighborhood, and reduce costs associated with high-energy usage and waste production.
The project’s vision is to promote the development of a healthy, vibrant and green Humber Summit Community by developing and supporting a sustainable green program through resident-based solutions which would enhance, develop, gather and disseminate practices that strengthened existing community based environmental initiatives and engage residents in local activities.

During the period from June 2012 –June 2015 the project focused on creating collaborations broaden and maintain existing actions occurring in the community by:
• Working with residents to develop the capacity to create sustainable solutions for better green neighborhoods and economy;
• Fostering leadership skills in local leaders, residents , youth and volunteers to advance their current work in these areas;
• Providing opportunity for residents, children and adults to engage in green and environment related activities such as green active living, waste management, energy conservation and green economy;
• Identifying practical strategies that will move the thinking and dialogue to a full-scale coordination with local providers, City of Toronto and residents.
• Developing the capacity of residents to become animators of green change.
• Creating processes, tools, and captured learning around the environment that will be accessible to other groups, community and/or organizations
Creating awareness of environmental and related issues and mobilizing action among the residents of Humber Summit to work with local business, cooperation’s and other stakeholders to respond the local realities of food access/food security