Our Impact

“I would like to commend Delta Family Resource Center for providing the community with this outstanding resource. For working parents with limited resources, this community program is necessary for ensuring the continued safety and development of my children. My daughter is bused from Venerable John Merlini School to the Humber Summit Library. She is provided with a snack and a place to complete her homework. There is also time for fun with games and crafts available. I really like your partnership with outside agencies like Big Brother & Sisters or the Pan Am Games Program. I hope this continues.

Your Program Supervisors Hodan and Seema are a pleasure to work with. I appreciate their easygoing nature and the relationship they have built with my daughter Danielle.

Overall, this program provides me with exactly what I need as a working parent and I would love to see the expansion to include Monday programs as well.

I am looking forward to working with the Delta Family Resource Center After School Program again in September.”

Thank You,

Nerrine Brown

“I’m writing to express my great appreciation for the after school program as my daughter Sophie loves to attend it.

This program introduces variety of activities, encourages physical exercise and promotes education about important topics, all while offering tasty snacks for my child. I especially appreciate the programs help with my children’s homework and its advocacy for healthy eating. I also think this program is very helpful for educating our children about cultural diversity, and I value this a lot as not every school can offer it.

I would like to thank program leaders and teachers for their great involvement in children’s development as well as their dedication and patience which my daughter likes and respects a lot.

If I could offer my suggestion, I’d like to ask you to consider opening programs on Mondays as it’s quite difficult to find childcare for one day and requires changing schedules with the school. (EG; asking the school teacher to put a child on a different school bus for Monday only)

Thank you very much.”

Best Regards,

Marta Druzylowska, Mother of Sophie Ramanah.

“Having dedicated teachers and educators makes a significant difference in a child’s mental and social development.

As Nathan Bond’s Parent, we have experienced the benefits of his involvement at Delta. He has improved in areas such as expressing himself, socialization with other children as well as development of basic math skills.

We are confident he is school ready. Many thanks for all the suggestions offered to improve his language skills and independence.

Your hard work has filled the gaps that us parents are not trained to resolve. Our hope is that the Delta Program will continue to be supported by the community and the Toronto District School Board.”

Much Praise and Thanks,

Bond Family

“I just wanted to thank both Seema and Hodan for another great year which went by quickly. You both have done amazing work with these children and made the program fun for them. I love the way Seema takes so much effort and pride in making healthy snacks for the children. Thanks to Hodan for being a friend to my children when needed. The Delta Family Resource Centers program is a great program for single mothers that cannot afford much.”

Have a great summer!

Antonella Sampogna

“My son, Gabriele Scandinavo has been attending the programs at Delta Family Resource Center for about a year now and will continue to do so until the end of the academic school year. I wanted to say that he loves attending and I am sure he will miss the program and the staff when school ends in June.

I am ever so grateful for all the wonderful activities and little parties your services provide. Gabriele has started to enjoy doing homework at home and loves to explore more about the different art activities from the DFRC programs. He especially loves the little chef program and now wants to help me at home in preparing baked goods and dinner. I also like that outside agencies are joining with DFRC which provide a variety of activities for our children to engage in (eg; The Math Program)

I also had the opportunity to attend the program with my son and have found the staff attentive and energetic. They are always so kind and in good spirits, which I believe has played an integral part as to why my son enjoys attending the program.”


Mena Scandinavo

“I am Sonal Patel, mom of a four year old and a home childcare provider. I started to visit Delta Family Resource Center four years ago when my son was 3 months old. Since then I have been taking
advantage of DFRC’s different programs. DFRC is my family which is extremely important in my life. I have learned different parenting styles, stress management tips and economic opportunities for mothers.

I have attended various parenting workshops and the Home Childcare Provider program has helped me become a good, confident and self employed mom. My son is performing so good at school as well because he has been attending different pre-school programs offered by DFRC. Wherever I go, I always encourage other parents to take advantage of DFRC’s programs.

As an immigrant, I have taken advantage of many DFRC programs and it has helped Canada become my home. I am very thankful to DFRC and its wonderful staff for their services.”

Sonal Patel

SWAAG Testimonials

“Hi, I am Steven and this is my story of how SWAAG has affected my life. I joined SWAAG 3 years ago, back in grade 10 and I found out about it through an older friend at a social event. He told me that he was recruiting young individuals who wanted to make a change in the community, and at the same time gain important life skills. I applied to SWAAG thinking that it would just be a side-group and I didn’t have to put much time and effort into it, however that was wrong as SWAAG ended up taking most of my spare time in high school be it volunteering after school or in school- I was always busy with stuff to do. At first, I wondered why there was so much to do, but soon I realized that this was the purpose of the group, to outreach to the community as representatives of the youths of the area, and to through all these outreaches, I gained valuable skills such as communication skills, networking skills, and gaining a higher tolerance and patience while working with the different people in the community from young kids, middle-aged parents and older grandparents. I think SWAAG is a great youth-led program which enables youth to speak their voice and empower other youth into being more outgoing and active in the community. This group has offered me many skills and opportunities, such as how to create a resume, free conflict resolution training lessons, and even free CPR training. It also offered employment opportunities as I also had the opportunity to work at an after school program through these past few years for a duration of time, in hope to gain experience for my future career as a teacher. I gained valuable experience, and most importantly- great memories and joy from all the different children I got to meet and teach, as well as to all the youth workers I worked with. I plan to attend the University of Waterloo for Social Development Studies this upcoming fall, and it is a joint program with Renison University College. The program itself consists of sociology, psychology, and social work. Part of the reasoning I chose this program was because I was inspired by my experiences in SWAAG and want to work further in the community field. What I’m going to do with this degree when I am finished? I plan to help communities around the world, specifically in poverty stricken areas and help move homeless children off the streets and into a home. I also plan to pursue bachelors of education, and later on teach elementary school as well. SWAAG made me realize that I have a passion for helping and serving the community, and one of my favorite quotes as a frequent volunteer is, “Volunteers don’t necessarily have the time, but the heart.”

Steven Tran

“My name is Mandeep Bhatia, also known as Sharon. I have been a part of SWAAG (Students Working As A Group) for 3 years. I began my journey with SWAAG back in grade 10. From the day I walked into SWAAG, I felt like I belonged to a family. From our nature walks, to our picnics, to retreats, everything was a wonderful experience. We learned new things, shared special moments and made amazing memories. Through SWAAG, I obtained my first job and first working experience to be put on my resume. Through that, I was able to go out into the work force and find good jobs due to my work experience with Delta Family Resource Centre. I have always been a really outgoing person but SWAAG helped me build more confidence in myself, through public speaking and going to various events which included engaging and reaching out to the community. I have also gained many leadership skills through SWAAG. I’d like to thank all the staff from DFRC for being so supportive and helping me grow as a teenager into a young adult and then into adulthood. I’d like to give a shout out to Roya for being the COOLEST “boss” ever, Seema, Lalita, Lisa, and Nury for being there every step of the way. And a special shout out and thank you to Sana for being such an awesome supervisor, one who I could turn to at any point whether it be for school, work, or personal issues related to family and friends. She was literally like a best friend to me. I love you Sana. I will miss being a part of SWAAG but I will definitely come back to visit frequently.”

Sharon Bhati

“Hello, my name is Aman Nahan. I want to tell to you about the program that has really helped me gain many skills, and gave me endless opportunities. I have been a part of SWAAG (STUDENTS WORKING AS A GROUP) for four years now and have had the opportunity to engage in various community program and events. Since grade 9, I have worked my way up with dedication and determination to become the SWAAG leader and I continue to dedicate much of my time to further Delta’s vision and mission for the Humber Summit community.

SWAAG focuses on getting more youth involved and empowered within our community. SWAAG has formed many partnerships with various community partners, such as: Toronto’s Big Brother and Big Sister, CAMH, Parks People, York’s NOISE and many more. BBBST provided me and my SWAAG team with mentorship training, CAMH has provided not only SWAAG but other students from our high school the opportunity to discuss an important issue on mental health stability among youth. Among various partnerships, SWAAG has also formulated many projects such as: The youth Cooking Club which allowed me to not only learn how to prepare diverse foods but also be introduced to different foods; Food Banks for food access day provided me the opportunity to serve food to our community members and see them not only happy but also fulfilled; Community Nature walks that SWAAG has led for 3 years now has allowed me to share with other community members the vast history of our community, and how it was built.

Being a part of SWAAG has allowed not only myself to develop great communication skills, leadership skills, presentation skills, group facilitation skills, motivational skills and interpersonal skills but also my SWAAG team. I had developed these skills throughout the years during the planning and implementing of many events/ projects. Throughout these years I’ve also had the chance to network with many amazing people during many community events such as: our AGM, our flea markets, and other community partners that Delta has been in partnership with. SWAAG has helped me develop many skills which I will be able to put forward in my future career as an Industrial Engineer. I’ve always wanted to become an Industrial Engineer and Delta has provided me the resources as well as moral support to get there. I would also like to give a special thanks to my supervisor Sana, who had allowed me to grow as a leader and has allowed me to be more independent with a helping hand always there in case I needed it. Also I would like to give a special thanks to Nury for this amazing opportunity, for always giving me the extra motivation and checking up on our group to see how we are doing. Lastly I would also like to thank the rest of the Delta staff for all their support and help. Thank you all for listening. It’s been a great four years and it truly is a privilege to be part of SWAAG; a program that provides endless resources for youth empowerment.”
Thank You.

Aman Nahan