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who we are

Who We Are

Delta Family Resource Centre (DFRC) is a grassroots, non-profit, community-based agency which is committed to enhancing the potential of families and children by supporting and addressing identified needs. Providing a wide range of programs, services and activities that enhance individual skills and promotes well-being and healthy communities, Delta is known for strength in effective outreach, collaboration and strong program which meet identified community needs.


  1. Reducing Poverty – By Enhancing Economic Opportunities For Residents
  2. Enhancing Programs Focused On Youth, Families, The Black Community, Seniors & Promoting Mental Health & Well-Being
  3. Enhancing Delta’s Profile With Residents And Key Stakeholders
  4. Ensuring The (Long Term) Sustainability Of The Organization
  5. Building A Strong Capacity For “Evidence-Informed” Programming

Delta has been providing programs and services for over 37 years in Northwest Toronto .

Delta has over the decades delivered many programs and services including Youth Leadership, Black Youth in Transition, Settlement Services and much more with the unifying overall objective of enhancing the capacity of the communities it serves

Delta Family Resource Centre is a community organization serving priority neighborhoods in Northwest Toronto.  Our catchment area is: Humber Summit, Humbermede, Jamestown, Mt. Olive and Beaumond Heights ­ all NIA communities in Toronto's North West. 
All neighborhoods experience high levels of poverty, are isolated and under-served communities, as identified by the Urban Hearts research carried out by St. Michaels hospital and the City's TSNS initiative.  Residents include many immigrants and newcomers from South Asia, West Asia, Latin America, Vietnam, the Caribbean and
Our Roots

Our Roots

Delta Family Resource Centre began in 1981 as a demonstration project with five women from the community hired to create a network to connect isolated parents, provide information about services available in the community, and establish supports and friendships for both parents and children.

In 1985 the network incorporated as a non-profit organization, “Delta Child Care Network”.   Included community development, particularly in neighborhoods where few programs and services existed. The mid nineties introduced the provision of services to newcomers to Canada.

By 1999, the organization was providing services to over 29 language and cultural groups in four locations.

In 2001, the name changed to “Delta Family Resource Centre” and its mission statement refined to reflect the diversity and multicultural aspect of its clientele.

Delta Family Resource Center
(Satellite Offices)

Rexdale Community Hub

21 Panorama Court
Etobicoke, ON M9V 3S6


Staff #: (647) 725- 0752
Playroom #: (647) 725- 0751

Toronto Public Library
Humber Summit Library

2990 Islington Ave, North York,
ON M9L 2K6


Phone: +1 (0) 000 0000 001
Fax: +1 (0) 000 0000 002

Young Parent Resource Centre

1900 Sheppard Ave. E
North York, ON M2J 4T4


Tel: (416) 948-0459

Programs Also Offered At

Emery Collegiate

3395 Weston Rd.
North York, ON M9M 2V9
Tel: (416) 395 - 3235

Firgrove Public School

270 Firgrove Crescent
Toronto, ON M3N 1K8
Tel: (416) 395 - 2420

Gord & Irene Risk Community Centre

2650 Finch Ave. West
Toronto, ON M9M 2A3
Tel: (416) 392 - 1111

Main Office
2291 Kipling Ave,Etobicoke,
ON M9W 4L6

Tel: (416)747-1172
 Fax: (416)747-7415


Mon - Fri:
9am - 5pm

9am - 3pm