March 25th 2020
During the COVID pandemic, Delta’s main office will remain closed to the public, and staff will be working from home.While Delta is closed to the public during the current health crisis to reduce the spread of COVID 19, we remain committed to supporting clients and communicating regularly.  In order to do this, we ask you to check our website and social medial for regular updates

(Website:, Social Media – Instagram: deltafamilyrc Facebook: Delta Family Resource Centre Twitter: @DeltaFamilyRC )

During this period, supporting clients remains our focus – and we are exploring new ways to do so remotely. You can contact us by emailing staff (the individual or or calling Delta’s head office (416 747-1172) and leaving a message in the general mailbox (Ext20) or at the extension of the staff member you are trying to reach. The extensions of individual staff members are listed on the website under contact us (   Emails and voice messages will be checked regularly.

Specifically, you may contact:
Family Resource Help Line – 647 528-0564         For information about the Family Resource program
OZ – Ounce of Prevention     647 395-3737           To get help in navigating the justice system
(Pempamsie)                                                               To speak with a family counselor
OTHER                                    647 874-9294             If you URGENTLY need to contact management or Delta 

To find out the status of a particular program, please check the list below:

SNAP    Staff continue to be available by phone/email and to support clients with regular weekly calls.  Groups are on hold.
OZ         Staff continue to be available by phone/email and support existing clients with regular calls.  New clients may call 647 395-3737 for advice or referral.
FRP       All Family Resource Programs (FRP)) re on hold.  Staff will reach out to clients weekly to check in with them.  We are in the process of a) Establishing WhatsApp circles to facilitate contact with families in our program, and b) developing a YouTube channel to share Circle Time, Activities and short Parenting workshops. Contact  647 528-0564 to speak with a staff member.
COMMUNITY OFFICE   Program on hold until Delta re-opens.
FOOD PANTRY  Program on hold until further notice.  BUT KEEP CHECKING AS THERE MAY SOON BE AN UPDATE

Some Open Food BanksDAILY BREAD FOOD BANK – PHONE #: 416-203-0050


AFTER SCHOOL Programs (St. Rochs, Beaumonde Heights) on hold
ITALIAN SENIORS        Program on hold.  Weekly contact with program lead
SENIORS                        Program on hold.  Weekly contact with program participants.
TELLING  STORIES      The Storytelling Festival has been postponed – new date to be announced.
EXERCISE                     All groups on hold.  BUT STAY TUNED!

Delta will post some exercise links so that participants can continue to stay healthy during this period.

GREAT 20 minute exercise workout for Beginners and Seniors!!

Exercises for Seniors – Stretching Exercises for Seniors – Exercises for the Elderly

Standing Exercises for Older Adults            

Kingsview                             Girls group, basketball programs both on hold. Regular weekly phone/WhatsApp
Westway                               Contact by staff lead
Cook & Learn                        Program on hold.  Regular weekly contact by staff lead.
Basketball                            Program on hold
OLORI                                    Program on hold.  Regular weekly contact by staff lead.
SEWING HUB                       Program on hold.  Contact 416 742-1172 for information
YOUTH IN TRANSITION    Program continues to provide support to Youth in Transition from Provincial Care remotely.  Call (647) 355-5099
TAX CLINIC                          Postponed.  New date will be announced.
WEB DESIGN                       Postponed.  New date will be announced.
VOLUNTEER                        Program on Hold. Information on how to become a volunteer will be posted on website.
CLOTHING BANK               Program on hold
MOM’S BRUNCH                Program on hold – whattsapp group & zoom session being explored
DAD’S LINK-UP                  In person program on Hold; WhatsApp group meetings.
HERITAGE                           Program on hold
DRUMMING                      Program on Hold
PARENT DROP IN              Program on hold


Some examples are : Local:

Here’s a link to where seniors can find help : 

Delta Family Resource Centre is a community organization serving priority neighborhood in Northwest Toronto. Our catchment area is: Humber Summit, Humbermede, Jamestown, Mt. Olive and Beaumond Heights – all NIA communities in Toronto’s North West.
All neighborhoods experience high levels of poverty, are isolated and under-served communities, as identified by the Urban Hearts research carried out by St. Michaels hospital and the City’s TSNS initiative. Residents include many immigrants and newcomers from South Asia, West Asia, Latin America, Vietnam, the Caribbean and Africa.