Community Service

      • Community Office
      • Community Kitchen
      • Zumba Classes
      • Delta closet Community Events
      • African & Asian Heritage months
      • International Women’s Day
      • LGBT YIT services
      • Eco Kids Fair
      • Holiday Party
      • Various Trips

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After School
Programs for children aged 6 – 11 and 12 – 16 at local schools
and communities (St. Rochs, Duncan Woods and
Beaumonde Heights)

Local Economic Development
Delta Family aims for capacity building of local community members
with an aim to reduce poverty in North-West NIAs.
Local Economic Development offers a series of programs
honouring Delta’s commitment to promoting
economic and capacity building opportunities
for residents.

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Children & Family
Drop In Play Groups
1900 Sheppard, 2990 Islington
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Rexdale Hub
2063 Islington Ave

Delta Family has continued to facilitate our
youth orientated programs throughout this pandemic.
They include our OLORI – Black Youth Leadership Program,
our Afterschool programs, and Youth In Transition
from Care programs, all done safely and remotely.

The program includes:

    • Basketball Leadership
    • Future Explorers
    • After School Program
    • SWAAG
    • Africana
    • Testimonial
    • OLORI – Black Youth Leadership Program
    • Youth In Transition from Care

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Sewing Hub
A new local economic development which
provides free alteration services
to community members and beginners
and Advanced sewing classes at 2677 Kipling
Avenue. Program is currently being offered
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Kujistahi (Self-Respect) is a Parenting and Family
initiative Our focus is on enhancing pride in Black
identity and on increasing the availability of
effective parenting supports for Black
parent / caregivers; and improving outcomes for Black
children, youth and their families.
Participants can register for all virtual programs
(with the exception of Black in Canada)
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The primary goals of the program is to
enhance seniors' social well-being, community
vitality support the social participation and
inclusion of seniors through storytelling

    • Activities include:
    • Seniors Exercise
    • Italian Seniors Connect
    • Knitting Program
    • Seniors Storytelling

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Other Initiatives
OLORI (Black Youth Leadership Program), Pop Up
Infrastructure Symposium, Black is the New Black
Community Fair and Forum1

FREE culturally appropriate & evidence based counselling services provided
to children ages 6-11 and their families particularly those of African-descent
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Food Pantry
Through creative partnerships and the generous support of our donors,
our Food Pantry features fresh produce, milk, eggs, and whole grains.
Every month, highlight a seasonal vegetable – our Food of the Month –
and give tips and examples on how to use and prepare it through
food demonstrations and recipes.
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OZ Program
Ounce of Prevention (OZ) delivers trauma informed,
culturally relevant Afrocentric programming for
Black youth age 15 to 29 and their families
impacted by the criminal justice system
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Counselling services
Delta now offers counselling and wellness services for our clients.
for more information, please contact Julet Allen at

Mpatapo (Journey to Zero Program)

Mpatapo is a program offered by CAS and Delta Family
Resource Centre which provides culturally appropriate supports
for Black families involved in CAS Toronto. It aims to provide timely,
customized community -based supports and resources to Black families,
keeping more children and youth out of Care, or, if removed, reducing the
length of the separation

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Delta Family Resource Center - Satellite Offices

Rexdale Community Hub Satellite Office
Rexdale Community Hub
21 Panorama Court
Etobicoke, ON M9V 3S6
Staff #: (647) 725- 0752
Playroom #: (647) 725- 0751

Sewing Repair Hub Satellite Office
2677 Kipling Avenue, Unit# B106 (Basement),
(Buzzer# 1172),
Etobicoke, ON, M9V 4P1
Phone# (416) 742-1172

Young Parent Resource Centre Satellite Office
Young Parent Resource Centre
1900 Sheppard Ave. E
North York, ON M2J 4T4
Tel: (416) 948-0459

Duncanwood Office Satellite Office
208A Duncanwood Drive
Toronto, ON M9L 2E7
Phone# (416)747 1178

Humber Summit Library Satellite Office
Toronto Public Library
Humber Summit Library
2990 Islington Ave, North York,
ON M9L 2K6

Pempamsie Office Satellite Office
2141 Kipling Avenue
Unit 202 & 207,
Etobicoke, ON M9W 4K8

Programs Also Offered

Emery Collegiate
3395 Weston Rd.
North York, ON M9M 2V9
Tel: (416) 395 - 3235

Firgrove Public School
270 Firgrove Crescent
Toronto, ON M3N 1K8
Tel: (416) 395 - 2420

Gord & Irene Risk Community Centre
2650 Finch Ave. West
Toronto, ON M9M 2A3
Tel: (416) 392 - 1111